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A Historic Inn Stay

Originally called The Lake Como Hotel, the Inn opened its doors in 1921 as a family friendly resort. The main house, which is now the front office and lobby, still features intricate wooden parquet floors which were built in Denmark during the 1880's and shipped to Chicago for the Danish pavilion of the 1893 Colombian Exposition. The building was purchased and transported by rail to its present site and today guests "walk through history" upon every check-in.

The Inn's secluded location made it a perfect place for infamous Chicago mobsters, including George "Bugs" Moran, Baby Face Nelson, and members of the John Dillinger gang to vacation and hide from federal eyes at the hotel. Hobart Hermansen, a hotelier who's family ran the Inn for over 50 years, aided the John Dillinger gang in accommodation, food, and drinks when they were on the run. Jimmy Murray was a bootlegger who supplied the Como Hotel with liquor during the prohibition and he ran a speakeasy and gambling den called the Ratskellar in the basement of the Inn.

The French Country Inn

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