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Cristian Hernandez

Executive Chef

Chef Cristian Hernandez was born in Southern California but spent his formable years with his family in Central Mexico. Throughout his childhood, Chef helped his family’s business of selling tamales.

After high school, Chef Hernandez moved back to Southern California to attend culinary school. It was this path that led him to see and experience such different cultures. “You don’t have to understand the language of the country, but if you can experience the food, you can understand the culture.”

Chef brought this idea with him as he traveled to South America and Europe. His most vivid memories of each new culture were the cuisine. Wine in Bordeaux, focaccia in Italy, tacos in Mexico, feijoada in Brazil, ceviche in Peru. “I loved visiting Spain because it reminded me so much of Mexico. You don’t realize how much one culture influences another until you visit and experience it.”

“I use food as a way to break into the culture. It is my ice breaker. It is how you meet and understand people. Expand your scope. And I am excited to bring my experiences through the cuisine to Savoy’s patrons.”