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Ryan Champion

Sous Chef

Chef Ryan Champion grew up in Abilene, TX working for a small neighborhood Bar-B-Que joint and the local grocery store’s deli and bakery, he went on to attend Texas State Technical College Culinary Institute where he got his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.

Craving to expand his knowledge on food, he decided to move to Vail, Colorado. He worked for a few iconic fine dining restaurants, where he met his wife Chef McKenzie. 

Ryan and McKenzie moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2018. While being part of the opening kitchen team for a casual fine dining, live fire restaurant that won 2019 Eater Nashville Restaurant of the Year. Ryan developed a love for working with the open flames, a love that was rooted from working at the Texas Bar-B-Que joint. Since then he has been experimenting with the flavors from the south as much as new techniques like molecular gastronomy, bringing new and exciting dishes to Savoy.